Welcome To Smokey Hollow

Every home and service is geared for comfort and convenience. Capable full time staff will handle many of the small chores required to maintain your home.


Each home is provided with a large shed that has a light and at least two outlets for freezer or tools. The ceiling is insulated and the walls can be insulated for year round hobbies.


Residents look forward to the monthly banquet, a calendar full of events and a large library in the Country Club. Upcoming events are published and distributed throughout the community via a monthly newsletter.


We are committed to environmentmenal care, composting biodegradable waste and recycling cardboard & newsprint. Avid gardeners have ample space on their 40x120' lot for flowers, shrubs and trees.


Smokey Hollow living is comfortable, convenient and carefree. Want to leave for a well-deserved vacation? Go right ahead! We'll take care of your home while you are away so you can enjoy trip worry-free!


When you think of milestones throughout your life, what comes to mind? Getting married? Having children, grandchildren? These milestones are little reminders of just how wonderful life can be. Another milestone is approaching for those who want to completely redefine what it means to be an adult: Rightsizing!


This means selling a home that has become too large, expensive, difficult and time-consuming to maintain. It is a tough decision, but there are excellent options available for new or soon-to-be retirees who want to enjoy more time for travel and leisure while still owning a low-maintenance home.


A lucky few have traded the more onerous aspects of home ownership—landscaping, yard and exterior maintenance—for the conveniences and park-like setting of Smokey Hollow. We offer homes in a variety of single story floor plans, all spaciously designed with flexible living areas, kitchens, patios or verandas, two-car parking and countless upgrades. At the heart of our tight-knit community lies a country club complete with fitness centre, kitchen, games room, library and other recreational facilities.


Drop in any time and witness for yourself the rare community we have established. If you don't already know someone here, stick around and you'll quickly find yourself a few new friends!

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